How do you talk to girls?

Question by chris: How do you talk to girls?
There is this girl in my math class that I really want to talk to, she seems quiet, which I like, but I am shy to and I dont know what to say. Any Ideas? I would at least want to be friends with her.

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Answer by u no u luv me
if you have a question on any of the hw, ask her. or just any question related to math. and you could also ask her what she got on the test, but not if she looks really upset with herself (bad grade…)

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  1. ask her to goto starbucks….or what ever kids do now adays. and the talking thing is easy open mouth, exhale, repeat till words come out.

  2. jus say sumthin,…dnt b nervous, cuz then it’ll show, ya kno?
    well, me personally, i wld like a boy jus 2 start with at least a hey or jus sumthin simple, dnt take it too far the first time u wanna get her attention, jus keep it simple and then move on from tht
    ya kno neva kno, she may wanna talk 2 u 2!!

  3. Just take my advise, girls like you to make the first “move” in this case, talk. But i would just go up to her and be like hey, whats up? or you could ask her about the math hmwk and there you hav it! That isnt so hard now is it? When you get over to her u mite hav an urge to run away, but dONT! just be strong and tell yourself, wen i get home today, theres a big banana split sundae waiting for me! Thats wat i would do! Girls dont like to talk to someone unless they kno that someone is interested in talking to them back.

    Goodluck !

  4. try to make her laugh without being retarded or doing anything wierd like liking the bottom of ur shoe

    if shes shy shell usually talkk 2 u bcause shy people r nice trust me my boyfrnd is shy

    just go talk it cant hurt

  5. Okay… follow me

    “How are you?”
    “Math is such a difficult/easy class!” (Pick one)
    … and continue from there.
    Now, practice this in front of your mirror, once your ready…
    Practice this in front of your mom, once your ready ready…
    Do it in front of your friends, once your ready ready ready…
    You should be able to talk to her.
    Good Luck!

  6. Wow…You sound exactly like me and my boyfriend 1 1/2 years ago! lol… We were both really shy, and we both really liked each other, so, of course, it was even harder to talk! Finally, my now-boyfriend made the first move and said, “Hey.” You have nooo idea how exciting it was for me to hear that one word! Soon he’d start a little small-talk with me, like, “What’s up?” I’d say nothing (I’m a frustrating person :p), and he’d say something that was going on with him, or comment on something he saw me do or whatever. He always made sure to smile, which showed he was friendly and wasn’t trying to be intimidating. A little time passed, and soon I was the one saying, “Hey, what’s up?” first. We got pretty comfortable with each other, and then he asked me out. Remember: BE PATIENT! When one person is shy, you have to get them comfortable, which takes time, before they will open up. When it’s both of you (which was my case and also is your case) you REALLY have to be patient. But trust me: It’s worth it! 🙂 Good luck!

  7. It took me FOREVER to figure this out: you talk to girls the same way you talk to guys…but with less swearing and no references to how attractive you find specific girls (or girls in general). If you really want to come across smooth, go easy on the other usual guy chatter like talking about HALO and Final Fantasy. That’s it…relax, be yourself, use an opening line like “Hi, I’m Fred (or whatever your name is). How do you like this class so far?”

    The secret is this: other than their mysterious power to make us go insane, girls are pretty much the same as guys.

    Girls go nuts over guys who (a) are confident and (b) treat them like people. Got a sense of humor too? Dude, you’re in.

  8. Hey chris, how ya doing.

    Here’s the only thing you need to know.

    The easiest way to talk to her is to now concentrate only on talking to her. I want you to do the following. Pick 5 girls you want to talk to and befriend… make her one of those 5.

    You will find that you will:

    1) Lose your shyness and *magically* be able to talk to her very easily and know what to say
    2) Have female friends (isn’t that super cool) 🙂


    If you think your shyness is stopping you from even talking to girls “in general”, then this is what you need to handle. Even if you got this girl, if you have the “shyness in talking to girls” thing going on… you will lose her (as a friend or girlfriend)… anyway.

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