How do you talk to girls well?

Question by fNel: How do you talk to girls well?
I’m having trouble talking to girls. It’s strange if you say the same questions everyday like “How was your day today?” What kind of questions makes a long conversation? What are some weird and stupid questions that people usually say very often?

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Answer by Nessa
just relax, be yourself, girls arent that different from guys so you shouldn’t sweat it

ask her about herself. ask about her interests and try to get to know her better. only questions i can think of that make long convos. are asking her about her views and opinions about various events or about life

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  1. Try complementing little things and only if you mean it. Like clothing or hair or something else you admire about them if it is not completely random and out of nowhere. Anything can turn into a conversation, just take an interest in the person you want to talk to.

  2. im a girl so trust me! i know that i love it when guys ask me how my day went. cause then girls can tell you what happened and you can start a conversation. also don’t forget to compliment them but not too often otherwise it gets annoying. try making a couple of jokes cause once she starts laughing she will probably want to start a conversation. ask her sports she is interested in and see wat she is doing this summer! good luck

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