How do you talk to girls long enough to get their phone number?

Question by That’s your problem: How do you talk to girls long enough to get their phone number?
My friend says I need to be his wingman when he is talking to a girl so he friends can’t cock block. I need tips on talking to girls. None of those “be yourself” tips.I’m not looking for dating conversations like what do you do for fun? (Or is that the only to talk to them?) How do you have a conversation long enough to get their number? What do you talk about?

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Answer by Nels N
Talk about anything. Ask them their opinions. Tell stories, ask them about favorite holidays or whatever. Keep some stories in mind to tell if things stall. You can often lead into these stories with a question. Act non-needy and don’t care about how the interaction goes, and ironically, you should do fine.

If the conversation goes OK, say “I have to get back to my other friends. It was nice talking to you and I’d like to continue out conversation at a later date. What is your phone number?” If you seem normal and you guys have a connection, she should give up the digits. You can also ask for e-mail or facebook information.

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