How do you talk to girls in class?

Question by Me: How do you talk to girls in class?
so im in college and have a few cute girls in my classes. im a shy person and never really talked to girls. how do i get over the fear of talking to girls? should talk to them before or after class? what is the best way to approach girls in class? in one of my classes there is a girl im attracted to who sits behide me. what should i do?

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Answer by sandra_panda
I am also a shy person, and I believe that by definition shyness is all about fear of your own sexuality as it pertains to your self confidence.

First of all, don’t assume that people are not attracted to shy people. Being shy is emotional, so thinking one-sided about your shyness is only going to make you overly-self conscious and probably make you feel as if you have to be someone you’re not. That’s not the point. All you have to do is talk to her, and don’t worry about how you’re acting. Be sure of what you are telling her, and don’t let yourself say anything you don’t mean. That’s more important than being loud or incredibly intelligent. But most importantly be yourself.

Work up that confidence by doing this whenever you feel you can stomach the butterflies it’s going to give you. Do it as much as you think will make you both feel good.

And look forward to being over your own shyness.

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  1. Put Yourself in Charge , Talk To Them When Ever YOu Can . I’m a 13 Year Old Girl Who Lives For Guys ( no I’m not a S!** ) Just Can’t Get Along With Girls . however It’s The Same Process just Reversed . You Smile And Say What’s On Your mind . Your being a Guy You Might Want To Think About How You Say It before You Actually do . Don’t Be Creepy Meaning . Don’t Smile Too much , Don’t Keep Your hands In Your Pocket Don’t make it seem like you can’t move . Relax Your Body And Smile when its Needed . Talk About Your Self , but let It Be known That You Would Rather know about Her .

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