How do you talk to girls at the beach?

Question by Daxter: How do you talk to girls at the beach?
im moving to california soon & im going to be at the beach alot & I wanted to know what’s the easiet way to talk to girls there,I find it easy talking to people outside but when it comes to girls im afraid that im going to creep them out due to the fact that im so tall, what’s a good pick up line to start a long lasting conversation.

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Answer by sstar123
Being tall isn’t really a turn off. Just be yourself, don’t force any conversation, be natural. Don’t try so hard, don’t go looking for girls to impress because then you’re probably going to wind up disappointed. Maybe talk to a couple girls and tell them you’re new to town and you just were wondering if they could show you around some places. Don’t put all the pressure on one girl though, ask her to bring her friends along too.

Or, if the ‘show me around’ thing is too creepy still, just ask them about where people your age hang out around here. Just say you’re interested in getting to know people out where you’re going to be living now so you want to get an idea of some of the better places to go. If she suggests some places to you say ‘thanks, maybe I’ll run into you there.”

I dont know, I’m no pro on picking up girls since I am one haha but good luck

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  1. I’m 23 and 6 4″ I’m a good build so Being tall is not a turn off for women. Humor never hurts and if you show a little bit of confidence by initiating the conversation as long as your not being pompous or conceded and come off as a jerk . Also it helps if your in good shape diet exercise those types of things are always a plus not just for meeting girls but also to help build your confidence and for your own health. Second of all If your just moving there you probably don’t know a lot of people get to know people in your school college neighbors whatever types of guys and girls you would normally hang out with cause you would really look like a creep just strolling the beach looking for girls yourself buddies always help especially to start a conversation. Say for example you see some girls playing volley ball try to get you and your buddies in on a game against them or work with them show some passive flirting humor during and have fun with it usually starts a conversation after wards. I can’t go and give you all the run down on all types of scenarios but you should get the idea. Use what you got to start a conversation but do not be overly aggressive with the flirting . I don’t know Cali to well but different crowd of girls but usually if you come across with a complement they blow you off so don’t try the whole b/s of your so beautiful or I love your eyes . Like I said Humor works well poke fun at your self a little DON’T BASH yourself show them a good time and that you can carry on a intellectual conversation not like those jersey shore morons you should be alright. Also if you find yourself having a hard time meeting people let them know your new and town and you would like to meet new people and find some cool places to hang out again it shows confidence for approaching them and that your interested in having a good time but don’t wait to long to go out and about. You can always go to the beach by yourself and if you do see some cute girls start a conversation by letting them know your new in town and your just checking out places and wanting to meet new people and if they know of any places and or anything going on to do so.

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