How do you talk to girls and make good friends with them?

Question by David: How do you talk to girls and make good friends with them?
I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I really want a girlfriend. I’m 15, a freshman and highschool and really quiet. Now, I have no idea how to talk to girls. And it’s March so I think most of the girls know I’m quiet and won’t take me seriously or even contemplate ever going out with me. So, besides the last part, how can I possibly get a girlfriend or good friend?

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Answer by arabmexinegra
be nice and funny

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  1. Just go to them and start a conversation, school, homework, etd. and try talking about their favorite subject: themselves. Ask them questions about their lifes, what they like or dislike, and share a thing or two about yourself, and listen to their answer, be funny and ask for their phone number. The more you talk to them the more confident you’ll become, it’s all practice, but more importantly: don’t take sh*t from any of them. You’ll be allright.

  2. Catch on on how the way they talk. because girls always have different sorts of personality’s and you cant aspect them to like what the other girls may like to hear. Some are more tomboyish and has no fear of being out there. Some girls can be more girly and would want a gentlemen. or they can be as quiet as your are that’s sweet and shy. Pick a girl that matches more towards your personality and try not to pick someone that you have the least in common with because of their looks. Because nothing is worst than picking a person that you thought was nice and find out later that their nothing but a self-centered selfish person that wont shut up and their mouths go a mile a minute! So pay attention to a personality that attracts you to them. Find out what you like and would want in a relationship and than find out what they want and see if its a match. Be yourself and never try to hide who you are from the beginning. Because they’lll find out at bits of a time anyway if you do get in a relationship with them. Start it off as wanting to be their friend like you would with any other person you meet and show strong confidence in yourself.

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