How do you talk to a girl and hold the conversation?

Question by Brandon: How do you talk to a girl and hold the conversation?
I Can talk to girls but i can never keep the conversation going for just 10 minutes, i just don’t know what might be the thing that turn them off. And don’t know what most girls talk about, it’s like we don’t feel a connection.

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Answer by Nick
ask them to fuck bro

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  1. ask them questions about them selves, talk about them them them them, they will love you, remember people love to talk about themselves

  2. Be proud yourself and stop being shy and then start by breaking the ice, make her laugh, tell her a compliment try to be sencier, girl feel when you are lying to them lol ,ask her about herself and you should be able to talk more than 30 mins lol.


  3. Ten Minutes is a lot better than most. This is where General Knowledge, Interesting Pastimes,Hobbies,families, Holidays all help the general conversation flow.
    If in doubt ask a Question and both listen to and hear the answer. If you learn to hear and not you will possibly become an “honorary girl” then talking to any female or feminine inclined is no problem.
    Many of the Girls who like Boys Sports only do so to be Honorary boys and what works for the works in reverse.
    Naturally if you Cook, Dance, talk about things other than you, have a eye for fashion, can shop with if not actually fo, a Girl and still be the Man you always are, your trouble with girls is in the past. The Guys might want to know if your going to the Game to get trashed and out of your mind after. They might not understand Girls fun is often better and less harmful

  4. Ask them their interests, and talk gently. If there are some common interest between you and that girl, you should try to share your opinions about it and that’ll help you keep your conversation longer.

    AVOID saying bad words or unpleasant rather.
    That will let them go away.

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