How do you talk girls up to asking them out?

Question by Flareshot: How do you talk girls up to asking them out?
I really really like this girl but she doesn’t notice me or look at me and I want to ask her out pls help me

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Answer by Sahhid
One word PUA!

Pick Up Artists.

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4 thoughts on “How do you talk girls up to asking them out?”

  1. dont think of asking her out yet. try to find a way to get to know her as a friend first. have someone introduce her or if you see her just be like sup and walk away

  2. She probably isn’t going to say yes if she doesn’t notice you. So try talking to her more for at least a couple of weeks. That way you get to know her and she’s not going to be creeped out by a random guy asking her out.

  3. Dude easiest way is to talk casually, bring something interesting up to start convo and learn to joke around or take a little verbal jab at girls, they love that stuff. Talk about a crazy teacher she has or some short funny story. when she’s comfortable around you and gives you some hints, ask for her number.

    You don’t have to come up with smooth lines, every now and then I pull a number and its all casual until I know they’re interested

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