How do you start a texting convo with the girl you like? ?

Question by How do you start a texting convo with the girl you like? ?
I’m 18 and she’s 16 and it always seems like I say hey and she says hey then I say what’s up

Its just a boring texting cycle.

So GUYS: how do you text the girl you like? What’s your first text like? Hey or something more interesting?

GIRLS: what do you like a guy to text to you? Hey or something more interesting?

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Answer by Eric F
“Knock Knock”

She will immediately know that it’s a game, which will make her smile and respond “who’s there”.

But you better be able to follow it up with a good punchline, because she will expect to get a laugh out of this and the worst thing you can do is not pull through for her.

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  1. Compliment her, a lot. theres nothing better to a girl then reading a compliment from a guy. and you cant go with something like “wow ur hot do you no that?” you have to say something like youre really pretty or you have the prettiest eyes that ive ever seen and also try to flirt with her alot.

  2. Just talk about random stuff….

    The last girl i talked to we got into a conversation about her using apple scented bubble baths lol.

  3. example..
    guy: heyy
    girl: hi
    guy: how u?
    girl: im alright. u?
    guy: great now that im talking to u
    girl: awe really
    guy: yeh..
    girl: so wud?
    guy: texting a beutiful girl
    girl: oh really.. who?
    guy: you. hehe
    girl: aww.. hehe

    and just go from there.. sweet, nice, and interesting..

  4. Im a girl and I like when a guy texts me something more interesting than just “hey”. Even just “What are you up to?” is better than “hey.” Or when a guy asks how my day went is really sweet cause it shows he cares but also is a good convo starter if something bad, funny, etc happened. And then that situation could lead to something else like “oh that reminds me of when this happened…”
    Plus, the best convo starter like EVER for texting between guys and girls is playing truth. Omg it sounds so stupid but once u start, u cannot stop. Hahahaha okay good luck with these suggestions

  5. Every girl loves a guy who can keep a conversation going. Make corny jokes, be playful and flirtatious and make her laugh behind the phone.
    Text her first! A girl freaks when a guy texts her first. Start it off with “Hello!” or “Hey! How are you doing?” carry the conversation by asking questions, but not too many haha. Hoped I helped 🙂

  6. I would google some things to say. Try playing a game of would you rather, BUT you cant just run out of things to say (google would you rather questions if you have too). Or play 24 questions. (where one person thinks of an object and you have to ask yes or no questions)

    Ask her the most random questions and say the most random thingswhen the conversation dies out such as: How many nipples do you have?
    Would you ever consider to go cow tipping?
    Sometimes I get naked, rub butter all over my body, and go on the floor and pretend I’m a slug
    I stubbed my toe today, will you kiss it and make it all better?
    I had a dream last night where oompaloompas killed me in my sleep. Now i’m paraniod they are waiting for me in my shower.

    Or you can ask her and say normal boring things like:
    If you could have dinner with any celeberty who would you choose?
    Who do you think is the most attractive male celeberty? (follow up by saying. I’d go gay for him)
    If you woke up and had a penis, whats the first thing you would do?
    Do you know any instruments?
    What are your favorite tv shows?

    AND end the conversation with: We should hang out sometime.

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