How do you keep a text conversation with a girl interesting?

Question by : How do you keep a text conversation with a girl interesting?
Many guys text girls every single day but I don’t know how they do it.What questions do you ask and how do you get a good conversation going everyday? And how many texts should you send a girl each day if you do talk to her everyday?

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Answer by NAACP = Racists
try using the speakers and mics on your phones instead.

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  1. I just ride it until she sends me an ending text. Like if there’s not an opening left to text back on, I call it a day. If there’s one thing most girls hate, it’s persistent idiots.

  2. play the “20 questions” game. ask more than 20 questions to keep it going.

    talk about first impressions of each other,

    ask her who she likes. then tell her you like her.

    be creative, and try to make interesting questions. remember what she tells you about herself. she will feel special when you repeat something she said earlier. she will feel like you care.

    good luck!

  3. Texting is a form of communication, but it does not qualify as conversation. It allows a person ( in this case, you ) to communicate with a girl without actually having to interact with her face – to face. Until you learn to do that, you will never improve your skills in this area. That’s why all this constant texting is so dangerous.

  4. How do you keep a text conversation with a girl interesting?

    – Let her speak more than you do (i.e. learn to keep your mouth shut about yourself). Learn carefully and tangently redirect the subject of the conversation back at her.
    – The most important person to a girl is herself. Then her friends. Then her family. Then her pets. Then her boyfriend. Then other guys. Then you. That’s why you reveal (much) less information about yourself than she does about herself.
    – Ask open-ended questions instead of closed-ended ones. Bad: “So, do you like the band tonight?” (Possible answers: Yes or No. Boring!) Good: “So, if you were in that band, which instrument would you be playing?” And you can follow-up on that one with some comebacks if she dismisses it, e.g.: “Oh I can’t play anything!” “What, not even on the Play button? What, you don’t believe they’re pretending to sing and play?! Come on!”

  5. Kay, dude.
    Firrrrst. im a girl so you sha’ll listen to THISSS.
    haha, kay well you should text her “hey, hows it going?”
    She tells you an answer than you just ask her questions like anything new?
    Or like make funny jokes about what you guys are talking about.
    And i love it when a guy tells me how pretty i am.. Tell her that she’s pretty or something, trust me it’ll get a conversation going. AND DONT send any nude pics, and don’t ask her for any because thats just a turn off. Try being nice.

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