How do you guys text a girl..?

Question by Jonathan Idk: How do you guys text a girl..?
I know I sound like a loser for asking this, and maybe I am, but HOW do you guys text girls?!
I’ve gotten girl’s #’s before, but I never really knew how to text them. So they would text me for a little while, and afterwards they would just stop replying to messages, causing us to not text each other anymore.

Btw no girls talk to me at school, so I just get girl’s #’s from social media, or Chatroullete. :p The people at my school sucks..

I used to text this one girl from my school who moved to another city, and I had NO trouble texting her. She even told me that I’m interesting to talk to. But all of a sudden she just STOPPED replying to my messages?! And now we don’t even talk anymore. I doubt she was even THAT busy. My guessing is that she just thought I was boring.

Can you guys give me some examples on how you text girls? Thanks! I’m 18 btw.

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Answer by Lisa
Personally, it's hard for me to care to text someone that I don't really know. Texting only goes so far and eventually girls just lose interest.

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  1. You are just social shy. You need to surround yourself with people who make you comfortable. Just start with hey what are you doing. Most girls will reply busy or not. If they don’t answer right away they most like will be like oh sorry I was doing dadadadada. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. You text them how you want. Girls are people to. Everybody should be treated with the same respect. If your gonna be scared to text her don’t text her. If your gonna be rude to her expect rude texts back!

    I text my girlfriend like I would text anybody else it’s not a big difference, but if all you other commenters and You johnathan Idk think it is, that’s ok, but you don’t need to talk to people differently were all people and no one can be more special and more perfect than others…

  3. Just start off by simply saying hi, and then if they reply, carry on a conversation from there. Maybe ask a question or say something random! And for the girls who have stopped replying to your messages, just give it time! You could always try texting them again! And you never know, they may text you first.

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