How do you get game to talk take to girls?

Question by danevan: How do you get game to talk take to girls?
I am kinda shy and quiet and some times socially awkward. I know what i want to say to a girl but i do not say any think cuz it might sound stupid.

I do talk to girls but i do not have any game other then hi how are you? then i just ask ? about her and stuff that is all i got.

I know i need to be more out going and i am working on that .

once the ice is broken I can hold my own.

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Answer by ♥Helen♥
one day go up to a girl u like and say, oh your hair looks awesome today. they might blush and you’ll break the ice.

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  1. No one likes a shy guy. just go up to the table @ lunch, have a seat, then ask the first girl that holds eye contact w/ u “whats new” then if they say ‘nothing’ then lean on an arm and look somewhat dissaproveingly and say “well u cant just do nothing” then in worse case if u get back to an akward moment…”do u play a sport?” “did u say u played piano? What kind of music do u play?” etc. and don’t laugh @ anything unless its obviously a joke.

    good luck 😉

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