How do you get a guy talking during text conversations?

Question by Amanda: How do you get a guy talking during text conversations?
I’ve noticed (and its not just me, my friends agree with me) that guys usually don’t say much over text. Are they annoyed? Because I always feel like I am the one to keep the conversation going. The only time my bf ever really had a conversation with me over text was after we broke up and it was about the presidential election. We were fine when we were around each other and he actually talked to me. It’s the same with all my other guy friends. Any good ideas to get them interested in the conversation?

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Answer by Lola M
yea i know!! theyll just answer like “yea” or “cool” when i say like a 5 page essay! it anoys me sooo much…but try to talk about things they relate too…ask if they won their football game or what tv show theyre watching

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  1. well one major reason guys don’t type long answers is because they just can’t type!!! and not very fast. I found this when i asked my boyfriend why he wouldn’t and he explained that to me. Its just hard on some phones and they’re fingers aren’t as slim so for some guys its an annoyance. I guess just keeping it simple question and answers. or something that will really interest them and they have to write long ones! Hope this answered ur question!

  2. There are some ups and downs. It’s either he really doesn’t know what to say to you and doesn’t want to disappoint you or he doesn’t want to talk. Looking on the brighter side is a better option. If a guy doesn’t know what to say he obviously won’t get talking so you have to bring it on. Ask him questions that you know guys would know about like sports. Don’t just give him “one-word answer” type of questions. Even if you really don’t care about the score for the NFL or how great his team is he’ll really appreciate that from you. A guy appreciates when girls get down from their girly pedestal to talk to them like another on of their guy friends. You can also keep that conversation going like texting, “really?” and asking another question about it. But i’m not giving it all to the guys though. If you let them talk about their stuff they should let you talk about yours. The key is to get them talking about their things first so that you have a reason to share your stuff. If a guy doesn’t let you he either doesn’t like to hear your blabbing or he knows how the conversation is going to go, which usually means bad. However if he doesn’t want to talk to you it’s better to just not do it. You can tell if he doesn’t want to talk if he gives meaning-less one-word answers but then again it just might be a hassle to text. Just don’t put too much thought into it though cuz guys are a “little” slow at the subject: girls.

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