How do you end a text conversation with a girl?

Question by Bob Pooman: How do you end a text conversation with a girl?
I’ve been texting this girl today, the conversation has kinda fizzled out now, I don’t want to not reply (then she’ll think I’m not interested) but equally I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to drag the conversation out (which she might see as annoying). I can’t say I’ve g2g dinners ready or my friends here or something cos we’ve been texting all day with like up to hour long gaps between texts…

Anyone know how I can end the conversation safely? Thanks!

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Answer by d_j_sasquatch
Pick up the phone and talk instead. Then you have a way out when you say goodbye. Good luck with that.

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  1. Dont ask questions, just dont extend upon what you are talking about. Its actually quite easy, if what she says to you isnt a question theres no need for you to reply anyway, really!

  2. Girls like when you keep texting them..
    but if you want to end the conversation just wait until she says “okay” or something that doesn’t quite require an answer, then just let it at that. if she wants to keep texting you then she’ll send a text after that. d:

  3. You can end it by “ok Have a Great Day! ” Or Have a great day and I will call you later…but some girls like to just share, so if after a message, just don’t respond right away and wait for a few hours and respond with a smiley face. That’s what my BF does. and then I get the message. Now, I do the same lol

  4. At the end of your next text say , well I’m going for a shower now , Im going out for a meal with the family x > and she’ll probably reply okay have fun <

  5. Texting really has no place in the world of dating…You should do most of your communicating by phone or in person, preferably the latter. I have seen more relationships fail through texting, facebook and all the rest social media. I may have coined this phrase….We are the most in touch society in the history of mankind, but we are the most out of touch when it comes to relationships.

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