how do you catch a husband texting his girl friend?

Question by sheshethedog: how do you catch a husband texting his girl friend?
how do you catch a cheating husband on a cell phone texting to his girl friend. I do not have access to his phone.

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Answer by BossLady
Write down the suspicious dates and check the bill next month. If you don’t have access to that either…you may be out of luck.

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  1. Ummmmmmm if i knew my husband had a gf i wouldnt need to catch him texting id already be packed and gone…. so im thinking u must just assume he has one.. and if thats the case u cant catch him texting as its not recorded whats being text … will say how many text messages on the bill but not what was actually texted, so if u have access to the bill id call wanting a detailed bill of all incoming and out going numbers because if he’s texting her he’s calling her as well.. and if u dont have access to the phone bill then u need to be added to the acct and if he refuses then he has something to hide and theres ur proof right there..

  2. Talk to him and tell him that you suspect him about it. Try to get the information from him. How do you know he is texting his girlfriend? Maybe it i just gossips. Talk to him and…watch closely.

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