How do i write this in a text?

Question by Tim: How do i write this in a text?
I text this girl from my work sometimes. She is really nice but when i text her she will only text me back once in a while. She says its because she just forgets but i will have to send he like ten messages for her to finally text me back. When she does text me back she is really nice and everything. I want to know if she is tired of me texting her or if she likes it. How do i ask her without it being weird?

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Answer by Tricia
If you have to text ten times.

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  1. I think you weird her out. You don’t obsessively send someone 10+ messages just so he/she would reply to you..That’s weird. I think you kinda creep her out. She probably don’t want to tell it to your face because she’s a nice person.

    If you like her, then let her knows in person.

  2. It is probable that if you ask her directly she will deny that it annoys her but…. put yourself in her place… is there anyone that texts you 10x for every response? if there is, or if you could picture it happening, what is your attitude toward that person?

  3. Don’t send 10 text messages just simply text her if she doesn’t reply forget about it. If you like her say something to her or you can live in fear and regret for the rest of your life. I hope it all works out. Oh and you can simply say “I’m sorry for texting you so much if you don’t like it i can stop.”

  4. Hi Tim 🙂 I understand what you mean–I don’t like it when people don’t respond right away. I believe it’d be best to text her just once and let her respond when she’s ready. Like Johnny said, it could also help just to talk to her in person. Everything will be okay 🙂 Don’t worry 🙂 God bless!! 🙂

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