How do I text girls that I like?

Question by Derek: How do I text girls that I like?
Im wondering how other guys text girls, Because whenever I text a girl its basically like this

Me: Hey hows your day going?
Her: Pretty good, you?
Me: Its actually been pretty relaxing

etc… its like not flirting and I want it to be flirty. How often should I text a girl as well.. because they dont text me first that much.

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Answer by Keggyx3
haha it’s funny you should mention that. Girls NEVER text first because they want the guy to do it. I know this because I am a girl and I NEVER text the guy first. Also, the way you talk is great. Don’t be too flirty but don’t be too boring and the girl will enjoy talking to you. Also as a girl, I like when the guy texts often but not too much where it gets annoying. Just do it naturally but try not to annoy her.

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  1. Girls like when you talk to them about your day and stuff you like. they’ll get bored if its “hey whats up?” “nothing you?” “nothing” i never want to talk to anyone like that. and also don’t flirt unless your sure their interested in you. because ive had guys flirt over the phone that i didn’t like and it was just weird for me. Also, to know how much to txt them you need to know how much their interested in you. not just relationship wise but friendship wise too. cause if they don’t really like you they wont want you to txt them but if they do you can txt them anytime. Girls like to be txt first to they don’t like initiating the convo.
    hope that helps 🙂

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