How do I text a girl? Make her laugh, and have fun?

Question by q: How do I text a girl? Make her laugh, and have fun?
So I contacted a girl I used to know on facebook and she seemed happy to talk to me and told me to text her and gave me her number…

I really don’t know how to text a girl. I know girls love using the phone, but what sort of things do I talk about? How do I be flirty and fun that makes her want to text back right away?

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Just act cool! Talk to her just like you would to any of your other friends just remember to be delicate and respectful. Ask her normal everyday questions like how was your day and what’s your favorite color. You will be fine, just don’t freak out so much.

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  1. Be silly, but not stupid. Be fun, but not perverted. You can’t say anything that would make a person text back right away. Everyone is different in their texting style. Say things like, hey pretty girl, how’s ur day? But don’t over text either. Once or twice a day is enough.

  2. Be Like what’s up! talk about something your doing that’s cool. Just to give you advice that can help you out. Avoid saying the same stuff, girl’s hate boring texter’s. Crack a joke here and there. AND THE MY #1 TIp: ASK HER QUESTIONS , if she doesn’t text back she might not be into you , dont worrie just be yourself and use my tip’s and you should have no problem.texting is alot less complex then talking on the phone. lol

  3. Say what you’re thinking @ the moment.

    You don’t need to make someone or keep someone ‘entertained’ all the time. The fact is to keep the conversation going, if you need to ask, you’re NOT READY for girl/boy friendship.

    Ask questions, just what it is you want to know ABOUT HER. Get to know her, like she to you. If you don’t have a thing to talk about, you’re NOT COMPATIBLE. . . . Remember opposite attracts!

    Don’t worry, if she likes you, she’ll respond back. It can be something silly, flirty, stupid, just continue the conversation.

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