How do i text a girl? Girls only?

Question by alex: How do i text a girl? Girls only?
I always text this girl i like but ive kinda run out of ideas any ideas?

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Answer by Grace
You need to hang out with her so you can get more stuff to talk about

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  1. first say hey and then wait for a reply and if she asks of course say who u are and if she says idk u then screw it shes not right for u

  2. Ask her to play a game of “which would ya”. So you text her and say “Pepsi or Coke” and she replied with “Coke. Ham or cheese?” and then you answer with your favourite and continue with another question. It’s a good way of getting to know eachother!

  3. First off, getting only girl’s opinions is probably not the best idea.

    Second off, you gotta just talk to her. Things come up and bang, you got a conversation.

  4. Random questions of the day! I am in a relationship that started out long distance and we tested constantly… you do run out of ideas. We started doing random questions of the day and he always looked forward to it and was disappointed if i couldn’t come up with something. No yes or no questions!

    What would you do if you won the lottery?
    What is your dream vacation spot?
    What was your worst family get together ever?
    What is your dream job?

    Questions that open up conversation.

  5. When you run out of things to say, ask her to play the question game: you ask her a question and then she asks you a question and so forth. Stuff like “what bands do you like” “what’s your favorite food” “what’s the one place you want to visit”. THings like that. Asking random or funny questions can make a dull conversation become interesting and fun.

  6. Ask her about herself
    Make funny comments
    Be spontaneous
    Give subtle hints you like her
    Bring up funny memories, it will make her feel like your relationship means something.
    I’m a girl and I still find us confusing, haha ironic right?
    But the main things you need to know:
    If she says something negative about herself, argue back that she’s pretty or whatever.
    If she’s sad, inquire why and make sure she knows you care.
    If she’s in a good mood, take the opportunity to compliment her and joke around.
    Be casual
    Be cool
    Don’t forget to be awesome 🙂

  7. Well you didn’t say if this girl likes you, too, and what you’ve been texting but if it was me and I liked him, too, it’s always nice to hear he was thinking of me and misses me and compliments and/or Good Morning and Good Night and don’t forget the happy smile, wink or kiss emoticons on your texts.

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