How do I talk to girls/boost my self-confidence?

Question by Anonymous: How do I talk to girls/boost my self-confidence?
I’m 15, and throughout my life, its been hard for me to talk to girls, primarily because of my lack of self-confidence.
So my 2 issues revolve around this: How can I boost my self-confidence, and what do I talk to girls about? I’m afraid her reply to what I say may end up lowering my self confidence.

If this helps in some way: I can talk to girls online (IM, not video chats etc. ) almost normally, although it is still hard.


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  1. Welll personally i had the same problem with guys.
    You should just talk to them (i take it u no wome girls but cnt talk to them)
    Most girls r quite nice and shy guys r cute ^^
    lolz i hope this helped

  2. Try to challenge yourself by talking to 3 different girls a day. Different girls from different groups. Then once you get used to doing that, you can up it eventually, and talk to 6! That way you will become more open to conversation with females. And by doing this you might make some new friends! All this will give you a boost in confidence. Just think positive and be yourself! And talk about anything! “Man, that test in math was hard, how do you think you did?” or “I cant wait for this movie to come out, it looks awesome!” Just talk about things you would both be able to relate to. I hope I helped you. Good luck! 😀

  3. You need to realize that many girls are attracted to guys that have self confidence. You have to believe that you have something to offer. Focus on the things you are good at and immerse yourself in those activities. Surround yourself with people who will openly give you praise. These are ways you can build your self esteem. Give yourself some time surrounded by these positive people. Realize that EVERYONE gets turned down at some point in their life, even the best looking people can’t have it all, and therefore your in good company. Remember the saying “The people who succeed in life are the ones that show up to get what they want!” If you never try you’ll never win. Keep your head up, you’re still young and there are plenty of girls for you to choose from.

  4. my bf has dis prob he can have a full convo online but in person we just sit there and look at eachother….

    2 boost self confidence just flirt with alot of girls where eva u r it does matter wat they say cuz its not lik u know them all

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