How Do I Talk To Girls?

Question by ¿: How Do I Talk To Girls?
I’m 16..I can sort of talk to girls I guess, idk. I’m too shy. 10th grade is almost over. I sort of like this girl, but I liked her last year and someone told her.

Then she ignored me and told him I’m a stalker. She’s kind of more in the popular crowd. But this year she was being more friendly and talked to me. Idk why I like her, she’s pretty and smart.

How do I talk to girls though? I’m too shy. Idk how to just start up conversations or what to say. I’d feel awkward. Especially since I never spoke to them much before.
im also known by everyone as a person that doesn’t talk much already…not good at sports, except tennis, average looking I guess, not muscular (I started working out again though, right now only 5’6, 120 lb), have had surgeries

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Answer by Mad T
you have to be sensitive to there issues (what ever they might be)

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  1. Girls aren’t an alien species. Just talk to us like you talk to your guy friends. Most girls I know (myself included) are envious of the easy, friendly way guys hang out together.
    Just don’t make comments about how we look. We tend to take that the wrong way.
    Hope this helps.

  2. you open your mouth and omit sounds from your voicebox.

    YOU HAD SURGERIES?! why did you have to have surgery?

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