How do i talk to girls without getting nervous?

Question by shanise robinson: How do i talk to girls without getting nervous?
lol i know it’s not rocket science but idk i guess i don’t have the confidence to do it. i need step by step advice on what to say to a girl i just met, body language what to say what not to say, everything lol. idk if i’m just shy or what, no offense but i had sex before and i still can’t talk to girls that good. and no i’m not gay or bi.

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Answer by Molly Doll
Just say hi she wants you too

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  1. The more you talk to girls, the better you’ll be at it. Think of it like going to the batting cages. The more often you go, the better your swing.

  2. I’m 40 and when I figure it out I’ll let you know 😉

    Just be yourself, even if yourself is nervous and shy, you’ll meet someone who likes that or someone you don’t feel shy around and it will be amazing.

    Don’t be afraid of rejection. I had a friend who got shot down 99% of the time but he asked EVERY girl he ever met out so he always had a date, he didn’t care about getting turned down because he knew the ones that did date him were the ones he had the best chance of getting along with.

  3. Talking to girls is a very delicate and intricate process. The only real advice for you is that you will get better at it the more you do it so you are comfortable. Remember to be yourself girls know when you are being fake. Use what you have. If you are a nice guy be nice. If you are a shy guy be shy. Do not try to be something that you think she wants because you will be wrong every time. Just keep practicing my friend.

  4. Convince yourself that they WANT to talk to you and they are interested in what you have to say. That might help your confidence level. Confidence is so important when dating, or really doing anything in life.

    Also, expect to get shot down about 85% of the time, its like a sales job, you don’t sell to every customer, but there are those 15% who are interested. If you don’t ask every person though, you will never find those 15%. So take it easy and be confident and give it a shot. Just don’t be annoying about it.

  5. ok, the best way to get past this is to put yourself those situations more…the more you talk to girls the easier it becomes…the trick should really not be a trick at all and that’s to just talk to them like you talk to your friends…you can strike up a conversation about anything…they just want to talk to guys as much as you want to talk to them…if you’re at a bar and “the game” is on you can talk to them about the game…its easier to talk to them about the current situation…if the club is crowded…say the club is crowded…haha!…it’s just small talk really…you’re in once they ask you a question about yourself…

  6. You know how you talk to one of your best friends. Like that… I think your inability to talk to girls has to do with deep-seated confidence issues. Instead of coming up with a game plan for a conversation work on building confidence.

    The best way to build confidence is to have a great life so do a lot of activities, go to the gym and work out, and excel at hobbies. This also has nothing to do with being shy.

    On the topic of what to say and what not to say:

    What to say:
    Open ended questions, let her do the talking, then formulate a response based on hers (like establishing a connection and asking a follow-up question. By adding some personal information about yourself you can keep it from being like a job interview with just question after question.)

    Be Funny (best show of confidence is the ability to be funny)

    What not to say:
    Do you like me? This should go without saying

    Avoid uncomfortable topics such as previous dating, sexual history, politics, religion, opinions on ethics.

    Good luck

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