How do I talk to girls that walks away?

Question by Serge Hollis: How do I talk to girls that walks away?
When I talk to girls they always say I’m a jerk and they go away. I hate it when they does that! They’ll say I’m a jerk and walks away smiling. What do they want me to say?

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Answer by leaflegs
Well, what do you say to them?

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  1. Hello,
    So give them no reason to call you a jerk, be overly nice. I am a girl and she is playing hard to get… trsut me

  2. Oka, first of all if she calls you a jerk then your probably being a jerk. So you should try harder and think before you speak so that doesnt happen. Second, if she walks away laughing (no offense) but it might mean she doesnt like ryou and she may think your trying too hard. If I were you I’d lay off for a while and if she really does like you then she will come around.

  3. If they say you’re a jerk and walk away SMILING, meaning they dont really think you’re a jerk, that’s a good sign haha. A lot of girls like jerks for some reason. Just try be nicer(:

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