How Do I Talk to girls in 9th Grade?

Question by Austin: How Do I Talk to girls in 9th Grade?
I want specific details on how to talk to girls please help!

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Answer by N1c0l3
Just be yourself. You want them to like you for you.

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  1. Become friends say “Hey my name is ___” if they’re in your class and sits next to you. Or you can say (if you guys have partners) if a girl is sitting next to you “hey partner?” and she probably won’t decline and if she does, then don’t go after her (common sense). If she rejects what you say or ignores you, don’t try I mean seriously, girls who do that have an issue.

  2. Talk about a common topic, like a class or a sport. Introduce yourself and compliment her. Once you get to an interesting conversation, joke a little bit. If she doesn’t seem interested, don’t mind. Just say goodbye and try another girl.

  3. Be Yourself! 🙂 but don’t be shy towards approaching girls! 🙂 Try talking to them by introducing yourself ! and the rest of the conversation will slowly build up! 🙂

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