How do I talk to a girl on Facebook without it being awkward?

Question by Thayer: How do I talk to a girl on Facebook without it being awkward?
I like this girl but we don’t get to talk much. I want to start talking online. Girls in the past have said that it’s kinda weird because a random guy just starts talking to them. So how can I talk to her without it being awkward. (Convo topics, starters, etc)

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Answer by Megan
How are you
Wuu2 ( wot you up 2)
If u near each other as her to do something this weekend

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7 thoughts on “How do I talk to a girl on Facebook without it being awkward?”

  1. I usually pull of the old faithful
    to get the convo rollin. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, try “They say vegans taste better, want to find out?”

  2. Ugh, I’m in the same position with a guy! 🙁

    I’d say just do what I do:

    say hey, and then act like you’re talking to one of your other female friends.

    Just talk about random stuff and find out what she likes – finding common interests can keep a convo going for a long time!

  3. If you have a lesson in common ask her for help. If not find something you both like and then ask her about it. Or read her status and if it says something like “my day sucks” or “something really good happened today” ask her about it.

  4. It’s not that weird just say hi or hey and ask her what she is doing but watch out for ok or lol or other 1 word messages these are instant conversation stoppers.

  5. Frist check her profile see what she might be interested in and see if you have any that are the same.Then work from there is she an outdoors type person do a little homework.And most important just be your self.If she don’t respond don’t lose any sleep over it. There are just to many nice ladys out there to stress over just one.You might try its a free site and lots of very nice people.

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