How do I strike up a conversation with girls?

Question by Antonio: How do I strike up a conversation with girls?
Ok so I pretty much text this girls and we both said we like each other, but I’m bad at talking to girls in person. I run out of things to say and its just awkward. How can I strike up a conversation and what do I talk About?
I’m 17 btw.

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Answer by Frishy
Watch the Big Bang Theory! Pay close attention to the character Raj and you’ll be talking to girls in no time!

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  1. First, quit staring at their chest. Look them in the eye. Talk about stuff at school. The trick is to get them talking, then pretend to be interested in what they say. Once you get a chick to start talking, she won’t stop. Don’t forget to look them in the eye, because they know when you’re looking at other things.

  2. You: “hey there’s something wrong with my phone” Her: “what?” You: “It doesn’t have your number in it.”
    Smooth, haha.. Just kidding man, an actual great tactic is just to walk up to them, reach out a handshake and say, “Hi, my name is _______, What’s yours?” I know it sounds kinda cliche and boring, but they love it when you do that! You’re acting social and appear to be interested in learning who they are… Try it!

  3. Ask them how their day is. Ask them what they like, goals in life, etc. Also talk about what you like and your interests and such. This is how you find out what you two have in common and so on. Also be yourself, do not say you like what they like if you honestly do not like it. Hoped I helped. 🙂

  4. Ah the age old question. If you do not have that much in common you cannot have a good conversation sadly it was not meant to be. I would not worry too much about dating at this point there is time for that later.

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