How do I stop caring about my ex?

Question by caitlyn: How do I stop caring about my ex?
We broke up about a month ago after a 2 year relationship. It’s over for good but I keep thinking “what if he’s going to parties” or “what if he’s texting other girls” how do I stop thinking about this stuff?

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Answer by reaper
Remind yourself what happened.
Date other people, get to know other people make new friends.

Try to get rid of anything that reminds you of him.

It’s normal that you can’t stop thinking about it. That’s usually how it is. Mostly it takes time 🙂

Be strong and take care!

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  1. At first its going to be hard, my sister recently broke up with her ex and she would see him everyday with another girl and it killed her inside but you just have to think everything happens for a reason and you broke up for a reason. You need to try to forget about him and enjoy your life.

  2. There is no magic solution for this… I went through the same a year ago, and i’m going through the same now (kind of, ’cause we only have been dating a few weeks)
    When they say time heals, it is true.. within the time you’ll think less and less about him, in the meanwhile try to be busy, go out with friends, have fun, go to the movies, and whenever you think, what is he doing, is he having sex with other people?, STOP IT! just think of the reason why you broke up, and if he did break up with you, he doesn’t deserve your time, if it is for good, you have to let go, learn to let go.

  3. Give yourself time to heal from him, keep busy when i broke up with my ex i got over him so quick because i stayed busy and yeah try and meet more friends and hang out time is the best thing in this situation it will get easier.

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