How do I start texting a girl, to get her to like me?

Question by Harold: How do I start texting a girl, to get her to like me?
I like this one girl. When me and her texted at first everything was great! We’d text all day and sometimes she’d even text me first! But I couldn’t text her for about 2 days because I went on a skiing trip. After that, she just started giving me short messages without any effort and I can’t even keep a conversation with her. We still hang out a lot and everything though. How can I get her to start wanting to talk to me again and get her to like me?

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Answer by iloveyouu
Tell her how you feel about her and ask her if she wants to give you two a chance and see if it can work between you two. A girl likes it when a guy is sensitive and talks about what they feel, they think its sweet and adorable even maybe and send her cute texts like: “You looked pretty today ;)” or something along those lines. Just be comfortable and confident with yourself and everything will be okay. I promise. 🙂 Good Luck!

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  1. It sound like she might have met someone, but you can never be sure unless you ask. Say something like “Hey cutie” or “Morning beautiful” things like this make girl feel important. Tell her you like her, but don’t be blunt about it. Ask her if she likes you too.

  2. Well, I know this probably won’t get top answer because people tend to choose the answer that gives them hope instead of telling them straight, but since I’m all about the facts, I’ll let you in on what is going on. I’m going to assume you’re in high school or middle school because this shouldn’t be happening if you are in fact in college, but a middle or high school, well, this fits in as a normal situation. I’m going to guess that you’re pretty inexperienced with girls because if you were, you would know what’s going on, but since you probably aren’t some lady killer, I’ll explain it as clearly as possible.

    I’ve had tons of experience with girls like this, they’ll be totally into you one day, but the next day… well you’re old news. I know because I do the same with girls; she might not even be single, just looking for some sexually tense fun with an innocent guy who she can just twirl around her finger until she tires of you. I used to have a couple girls who would do that stuff with me, so I’ll just tell you that that is a SERIOUS possibility for this situation, but not the most likely. The most likely cause of it was, that she might have had very confusing feelings for you, couldn’t quite be considered a crush, yet not nothing; when you didn’t text her, well, she probably took it as a sign that you didn’t want to talk to her. It’s strange the way the adolescent mind twists some situations unless you’re in the know, which few people are.

    The way most people on the other end (where the girl in question is) would assume that, as you said, you are going on a ski trip, and since you’ll be skiing all day, you won’t be able to chat. However, the way most adolescents, mainly females, work that out, is that you are making an excuse and saying that you are doing a very time consuming activity just to get away from your conversation; because she most likely reached this conclusion, she made herself believe that she did not like you, and when you try to talk to her, it probably aggravates her a little each time. Now, I’m almost sure that what I described is your situation, but you said you still hang out… Well, since I’m assuming that you’re inexperienced and not too confident, you want to make it seem as if you aren’t bad with girls, so you say that you still hang out, I used to do that sometimes; not the point though. What I mean to say is, you probably hang out in some location where it is impossible NOT to hang out, such as school, a sport, or activity that you both happen to do.

  3. You got her number. That’s good. You also mentioned that you and her hang out a lot. There’s definitely evidence here that she may like you. Ask your parents about what they think about you dating. If they’re cool with it the rest is pretty simple. Here’s what you gotta do. The next time you’re with her, just ask her out. Try something along the lines of, “So *girl’s name,* do you wanna maybe go out sometime?” The place, date and time are your responsibility, and you’re picking her up. Most girls like it when you, the guy, are in charge. She’ll probably go, “Sure, what did you have in mind?” If you literally don’t know, or want to be polite, ask her what she would like to do. If she doesn’t know, you must then decide. The rest is in your hands, though I wouldn’t kiss her on the first date unless you can be almost certain she wants you to. You don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. Message me if you need more help.

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