How do i start talking to girls?

Question by xterra2: How do i start talking to girls?
Hello 🙂
Am a month old in my college, but i havent been talking to girls because i dont know how to approach them, i dont know what to say, i need advice and ideas about how best to approach a girl that wont look weird or stupid …..
Help me out please 🙂

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Answer by The Physicist
Talk to them about classes, what their major is, ya know college stuff.

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  1. Hi

    I think you may be building this up in your head too much. Girls are just human beings same as guys. So thinking of this might help calm your nerves.

    If you wanted, you could try having a platonic (friend-based) conversation with a girl that you’re not attracted to. You could use this experience as a sort of practice run for chatting to girls. I’m not suggesting that you chat-up girls you’re not interested in, or lead them on as that would just be mean. All I’m saying is if you can find the courage to talk to girls that look approachable but girls you’re not necessarily attracted to, it might be a help to you for later on when you want to approach someone you fancy. This way you’ll learn the kinds of things girls like to talk about. You could always listen in on girls chatting to discover what they like to talk about. And then use those topics to start up a conversation. don’t get caught listening though.

    Then when the time comes to talk to that special girl, it may not seem like such a big deal.

    Hope this helps

    Best of luck.

  2. The best way yet to approach a girl is just to be natural and approach normally. Go over to her and say: “Hi, I’m _______ and i want to meet you because you look like an interesting person.”

    It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment because this kind of approach works everywhere.

    Approaching like this will make her instantly attracted to you because you had the courage to walk over to her with nothing but a simple conversation, which also makes you look confident about yourself. It shows her that you don’t need some cheap pick up lines or something ‘catchy’ in order to talk to her.
    It also shows her that you are decisive and that you know what you want and also that you try to get what you want. In this case, getting to know her.

    Anyway I know that approaching like this is kinda hard if you haven’t done that before. But trust me it works every time.

    If you approach like this the girl will have no reason to reject you because all you ask from her is to meet her. You didn’t asked her out yet, or you didn’t asked her to have sex with you. It’s just a simple name exchanging and socializing.

    After that simple sentence you can continue the conversation. The important thing is the opening. The ice-breaker. Later on just go with the flow. Ask her stuff that you really want to know about her but don’t ask too many questions so that she doesn’t feel like she is being interrogated. Once in awhile make a statement or express your opinion on the subject.

    You can hang out in the local coffee shop or in the city park. Doesn’t matter much where you will hang out but it should be somewhere where you will feel comfortable.

    I hope my answer helped… but if it didn’t and you can’t just go over there and talk to her than check out the source page below which contains many different techniques that will guarantee your success.

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