How do I start a conversation with the girl I like?

Question by : How do I start a conversation with the girl I like?
I sit near the girl I like in health class. I’ve never talked to her before, but I want to get to know her. What am I supposed to say to her so I don’t sound creepy?

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Answer by Nicole
just say “hey” then of course if she’s not a biatch or anything she’s going to say “hey” back .. then since you guys are like in the same class, i think you should comment something about the teacher.. like make a silly joke or something 😀 i know it sounds mean just dont be too harsh, just make her smile or something 🙂

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  1. just start talkng to her
    comment about the class
    ex. maybe it was boring or something
    and start a convedation on that
    or on an upcomeing skool event

  2. If you sit by her in health class, ask a question about the class, such as, “What was the homework?” If she seems to respond in a nice manner and not short answers, keep the conversation going. Talk to her after class about an up coming project. Call or text her about the class. Use the class as an excuse to talk to her. Later, she will talk to you about other things if she is interested.

  3. just gradually start talking with her more and more. that’s the best way to get her to become friends with you. first just ask stuff about school like homework help and stuff. then get her to talk to you about stuff like hinting and things she might be interesting in.

  4. find a really good time to talk to her like if she drops something off her desk or if you two get partnered or other accidently ways. That way it is not creepy. And when these experiences happen, try to show your personality like be funny

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