How do i start a conversation with a girl i liked 3 years ago.?

Question by Vato Loco: How do i start a conversation with a girl i liked 3 years ago.?
We went to the same middle school in 8th grade and but then she went to a different high school than me but this year she moved and goes to the same high school i go to. I always see her in the hallway but i always woos out when i’m about to talk to her. What should i say next time i see her, or how can i start a conversation?

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Answer by Sterling
Start out very casual…

“[Her name], you’re back!” Smile and keep talking. “I thought you moved to [some other place].”

She’ll acknowledge you, and you can gauge whether or not she’s comfortable talking to you or not. If she seems receptive, say something like, “Man, I’d hate to lose touch with you again. I missed you.” And then you can ask for her phone number, or ask her if she’s on Facebook (or some other social networking site).

From there, you can say, “I gotta get to class, but I’ll chat with you soon!” Then follow up with a few friendly texts or a call to say hi, and “To make sure I entered your number right.”

You can always interject into any conversation, something easy going like, “Hey, would you want to hang out with me this afternoon? We can get ice cream/coffee/etc at the place right down the street…” and see if she says yes or no.

Basically, the only way you’re going to get to talk to her, is if you just start doing it. Try to relax, but realize that nerves are part of the process. Don’t continue to wuss out — you’ll just be left with all sorts of regrets, and wonder “what if” all the time.

Guys who have success with girls manage to get over their fears of rejection. Rejection is actually a good thing. It’s a clear, “No” that she isn’t interested. So, if she rejects you, it’s your signal to just move on… and you’re young — there’s many more girls out there you have a chance to discover. Just don’t let yourself become too afraid to do anything. That won’t get you anywhere at all.

Good luck!

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