How do I overcome my fear of social rejection and talk to girls?

Question by Anonymous: How do I overcome my fear of social rejection and talk to girls?
I’m extremely nervous when It comes to talking to girls. I want a girl friend. Is it too much to ask for?

I should stop beating around the bush, I have trouble talking to girls. I’ve tried reading books by Neil Strauss but these seem to be little to no help.

Can anyone please help me?


Desperate and Lonely

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Answer by trinky32
Well just have confidence in yourself. Tell the world you are who you are and you don’t care what anyone else thinks. You need o be happy with yourself. It took me a long time to finally have confidence and be happy with myself but let me tell you it works wonders.

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  1. Tbh, even I had your problem and maybe even still feel a bit nervous when talking to girls but the only thing you can do that’ll actually help is expose yourself to girls. Like I remember going to this party where there were like 20 girls and I was nervous at first, but then one started talking to me and I just thought screw it lol, and had a conversation with her. Then it got easier from there.

    Being in a group always helps, especially if there are some of your guy friends that you can fall back on. It gives you confidence. And if I were you I’d focus on making friends with girls first to help you build your confidence before you make a move on one you like.

    Hope this helps 😛

  2. 1 tip: Don’t tell everyone you’re desperate and lonely. Just walk right up to a girl and say hi! You really can’t worry about being rejected just by saying hi, and if she tries to, it just means she’s stupid. Try not to be too goofy, but you could even try just merging your friend group with a girl friend group. If a girl knows that you are brave enough to do these small tasks, she is a lot more likely to give you a huge chance!

    😀 Good luck! 😀

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