How do I move from text message to real life without it being awkward?

Question by IKJC: How do I move from text message to real life without it being awkward?
Okay, I have a problem, every time I start having long conversations with a girl through text, before I have a real conversation in real life, it can get pretty awkward, I just need ideas to break the ice and have a good conversation with her.

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Answer by Popper
just find some random things to say like oh hey that’s my favorite color too and how was your day and blah blah blah

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  1. why don’t you text her for a while then randomly call her then when you see her it won’t be that weird.

  2. Easy, STOP sending text messages to every girl that you like. Long conversations create a lot of buildup but often that buildup and the fantasy the people imagined in their mind isn’t close to who you really are. Sure, maybe you are great at saying the right things in a text message. So when they meet a shy, awkward dude who can’t talk to women in person they are disappointed. They probably expected the “Romeo” that you made yourself out to be in text message.

    It is hard to get through to someone who grew up in the “text” era but I will say it anyway: TEXTING WILL MAKE YOU LOSE CHICKS! You aren’t building any social skills in texts. You also aren’t learning how to talk to real life women. It has given you a false sense of confidence and you don’t have the personality to back it up. The only answer is to STOP with all the texts and START working on the real-life you.

    Text messaging is great if you need to send an address or if you are in a place too noisy to make a phone call. They should not be a substitute for real human beings. Chicks don’t want to date a cell phone. They want to date a man. A phone or a computer is just a TOOL you use to communicate with people. If your other modes of communication suck (talking, chatting etc) maybe you need to rip your face away from that phone and talk to real women more! Good luck!

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