How do i man up and text this girl i like?

Question by Cookie Monster: How do i man up and text this girl i like?
Theres this girl i like in a few of my classes. I’ve found out from a mutual friend that she likes me. We don’t talk very often. How do i man up and text her? And girls, do you usually want the guy to text first?

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Answer by Madison
I would first start out like friends, then kinda see if you can move up to really could friends,and it’s not the best idea to have your friends ask her for you, It makes you seem wimpy. then ask her out if she is still single

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  1. umm i mean i think girls prefer guys to text first…you know take the first step and if you know she likes you whats there to lose? just be yourself cause clearly thats why she likes you…just like text her with a question something simple like what the homework for a certain class was and then from then on since you have already texted at least once you can continue with an actual conversation
    hope this helps 🙂

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