How do i keep my girlfriend interested in me?

Question by Aaron: How do i keep my girlfriend interested in me?
Ive been dating my girl for 9months. She’s bisexual and she rarely talks to guys at all, she mostly only talks and texts girls. I want to know how to keep her interested in me, and only me, so that she dosent leave me for a girl. By the way we love eachother so much, and im jus like kinda nervous bout having a bisexual hottie as a girlfriend lol sounds dumb but that means i have to keep guys AND girls away from her. =p

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Answer by annoymous
awh so sweet! just say “i love you” from your heart to her daily, take her on romantic dates, understand her and would cuddle her when shes upset or sad, snuggle with her a lot while watching movies or just simply in the park.

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  1. Some birds aren’t meant to be caged their feathers are just too bright, have a threesome, two girls mind you ;o, then you can all love eachover

  2. The more you try to win her over/keep others away from her the less interested she will be in you. Sorry but it’s the cruel truth. If she loves you you don’t need to feel insecure. Just be confident, and she will appreciate you.

  3. If you have been together for nine months you are obviously doing something right 🙂
    She likes you and only you.
    Stopbeing paranoid and focus on each other 🙂

  4. Well to be honest ur just going to make things worse on urself by trying too hard. U cant change someone for who they are. All ur going to do is push her away if she cant be herself around you. But i think all u really have to do is satisfy her sexually and just accept her for who she is…and if she wants to be with a girl while she’s with you, then let her..You might end up with 2girls…lol

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