How do i keep him interested?

Question by Ellenmay: How do i keep him interested?
there’s this guy im texting regularly ok, and he’s really sweet and everything and he says hes starting to like me too. But ive found out he’s also texting other girls, how do i keep him wanting to talk to me and not them?

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Answer by wolf
i have the same problem with this girl weve texted since we met i think shes loseing intrest i kinda am too.

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  1. You can’t stop him being himself, nor should you, that’s called brainwashing. For your own sake just be yourself and allow things to develop if they’re going to. Stop the obsession, he’s not the only pebble on the beach

  2. theres a book called “100 ways to get and keep his attention”. its small and affordable. it’d be good just to read a few in B&N or something. BUT if this guy keeps slow playing, forget him. you dont want a “player”. girls control the flow of things so much more than they really think.

  3. this is how you get them… stop texting him! if you do that it starts to make him think that you arent interested! (i know this may sound crazy but trust me) he will start trying to figure out y you have been ignoring him! then after like two or three days to respond back! then after like the third simply say this very nonchalantly… oh you know i didnt really want you to think that you are obligated to talk to me on a daily basis…. and the response you should be getting (if he really likes you ) should be na im not obligated to to talk to you… but i like to

  4. Don’t make yourself so available all the time. If he’s really into you like you think, he will miss the times you guys talk. Then, when you do talk, you can keep his attention much longer, and he wouldn’t want to converse with other girls as much. Get into a sport or get involved in other interesting things to keep you busy, that way you’re not sitting around just thinking about him, and when he asks you what you’ve been up to, you won’t have to lie. Something to keep in mind; you aren’t his girl yet, notice I said yet. Guys like to keep busy.

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