How do i keep a conversation going?

Question by X012BB: How do i keep a conversation going?
Okay, so i was texting this girl yesterday and i just kept asking her questions and she just kept giving me short answers. After awhile, i didnt hav anything else to say and the conversation ended rite after ten mintues. Should i be worried about our relationship (as friends) because she would always giv me hugs and we would talk alot during school but this conversation was just boring and she may think that im boring now? and if this happens again, how i would i make the conversation more interesting?

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Answer by Tony Sanger
Hi AJ20X, want some top tips on talking to women go to the link below.

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  1. Well, if you don’t know her that well, that’s how its always at first.
    Ask questions, play the question game, find out her interests.

  2. It seems she is the one who made the conversation somehow difficult since she gave you short answers. You shouldn’t be worried about your relationship. This happens sometimes especially if someone is not in moods or she happens to be doing something.

    Find out what she likes most doing in life and base your conversation on it. You’ll be surprised how the conservation flows well.

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