How do i have a good text conversation?

Question by Deathnz: How do i have a good text conversation?
Usually when i text someone its just: [“whats up?”…”yea same here”..”yea”] and thats it. It may go on around 2 or 3 more texts after that but how do i have a good text conversation? what should i say to boys and to girls?

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Answer by <3
to girls well just talk about their day. something you have in commen
if you need help with something ask them

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4 thoughts on “How do i have a good text conversation?”

  1. ask them if there’s anything new going on in their lives, ask about their gf or bf (ppl love to talk about that)

  2. Text whatever pops into your head first after you read the message , that’s what I do. If you still don’t know what to say, say something random or something that makes no sense. Especially say something funny because I would want a interesting conversation not a boring one.

    Avoid saying “nothing” after being asked “what’s up”, instead of “what’s up”, try “what are u doin?” or “how are you today?”

  3. If you need to ask people how to have a good conversation, then you don’t seem like a very interesting person.

    My heart feels for you.

  4. me and omeboys have hoes to talk about so no problem with them and girls flirt or be like you goin to that game or something or you going to see step father

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