How do I get talking to a girl and eventually ask her out?

Question by Godless Ability To Reason: How do I get talking to a girl and eventually ask her out?
I’ve never had a gf before and I don’t often talk to girls so wouldn’t it seem odd if a guy came out and asked a girl he never talks to out? This is my problem help me please

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Answer by LatinaxLove
you have to be confident in yourself first. then start normal conversations with girls and become their friends. when you’re comfortable with them, flirt with them and see if any flirt back. then the ones that pay more attention to you, ask them out.

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  1. Don’t seem so desperate. Work through gaining friendships first, then if you do find yourself falling for the girl ask her out. Love will take it’s time.

  2. First of all you need to just say hello a few times. Make some small talk about anything. Then another day say hello again and talk a little bit and ask how she is doing. You will know by her responses if she is easy to talk to and have a little conversation like what classes she is taking. Then finally ask her if she would like to go out for date. Name a place for dinner or a special movie or whatever is going on in your area.
    Good Luck to you and hope it helps

  3. Compliment her, that’s a great way to get a conversation going, and a great way to boost her ego.

    Also, maybe hang out with her a friends once or twice to see if you really like her, as you’ve never hung out with her before. Organize a group outing to the movies, followed by ice cream. An easy relaxed environment will keep the pressure off that would occur with a one – on – one situation, plus it will give you something to talk about if/when you do go on a date.

    You may consider talking to her friends about what she likes and dislikes, they know her best.

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