How do I get over my fear of talking to girls?

Question by edgar: How do I get over my fear of talking to girls?
I’ve never had a girlfriend or anything close to that, and it’s because I’ve always been too nervous and scared to try and talk to girls. Howe can I get over it?

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Answer by JSaw
Don’t be scared. Start by just trying to talk to random girls on the street. Say hi to them and see what happens from there. You’ll get use to being turned down if you keep doing it because you will probably never see that person ever again. And just remember, have fun. Don;t think about it too much.

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  1. try to find out the source of your fear. practice/think before you talk. it’s probably the way you look at it- if you keep thinking of girls as frightening and judgmental beings, you will continue to feel uncomfortable around them. But if you work with your mind and train it into thinking differently and feel confident about the situation, then you may have better luck with the ladies(: take care.

  2. Practice. It’s just like working out. It’s just a matter of personal conditioning.
    For some really good advice for this I would recommend a book called Magic Bullets.
    Good luck, player. 😉

  3. You can develop some confidence by being positive and happy. Girls like to talk to a guy with an easy smile and good conversation. You need to keep to have plenty of things to talk about and can take aspects of your interests/hobbies that you can share. To keep a conversation going easily takes a lot of practice. Your self-esteem and confidence will increase after you talk to some girls. Being happy, friendly, polite and interested in what a girl has to say is going to be noticed by girls in general. You now have to break the ice and go out to places where you have a chance of striking up a conversation with girls. Good luck!

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