How do I get better at talking to girls?

Question by Teddy B: How do I get better at talking to girls?
The thing is, I don’t know what’s more questionable: my ability to talk to girls or Bill Clinton’s integrity.

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Answer by angel kiss
just get up to her and have a random converstaion and then idk be romantic if u want the girl but dont be too pushy relationships take time

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  1. just talk to them like they are your friends except with a little bit more charm if that makes sence. They really arent hard to talk to just be yourself

  2. Right, I may come across as weird, But, Ive been going out with a girl for a couple of months now, And She is Gorgeous, and I Liked her for AGES Before i even talked to her, Shes in the year below me, and i never knew how to Engage her in conversation, I was always Lame at talking to girls and had lame confidence, Anyway, I Started being more weird and crazy and People liked me more, It also Gave me the ability to Do things that would normally be Reallly Strange, So, I made a Habbit of Hugging randomers, But, I used to Always Hug her, Not Because I was weird, Just because i liked her, and Noone would think anything, Now we are going out and are Awesome together, So basically, Be Weird, and Have confidence in yourself, and If Your not feeling confident, Pretend to feel Confident. Good Luck matey.

  3. Hahaha your funny heres the thing NEVER MAKE POLITICS JOKES!!!! GIRLS HATE THAT. Now if you live on Canada coem and find because literally all my friends are guys and they all come to me for advice SO STOPPID but fget better talking to girls not much you can do look hotter that will boost some confidence now if you live in Canda add me as a contact and we will talk but for now well add me even if you not in Canda add me we will talk and i can boost your confiednce. Now your probably thinking im a creepr im not serioulsy add me we can talk and by friday you will be able to talk to girls

  4. honestly, the best way to get better is to listen to them. find out what they like and try to continue in that vein of conversation. women usually love to talk, so it shouldn’t be hard, and eventually you’ll come across some common ground. just remember not to lie, insult her, or make silences awkward 😛 just try to treat her like a real person, don’t put her on a pedestal just because she has a vagina, too many compliments will make you look creepy/pervy, pretend she doesn’t even have a vagina. when i talk to new people, especially guys, we get along a lot better in conversations when we are on the same level and voicing [polite opposition is not a crime] our opinions, likes and dislikes, and such. but, like i said, listening to them is always the first thing you want to do to find out what they’re into so they open up some more and take the pressure off you for trying to come up with a subject.

  5. you have to have confidence. girls are attracted to a confident man. you can’t be too full of yourself but you need to find a comfortable medium. you can’t worry about what she’ll think of you either, you have to be comfortable so conversation will be easy. It also takes practice like anything. The more you talk to girls the better you will be at it. Try starting up a conversation simply by complementing her on something. The perfect compliment is a girl’s shoes. Try this line on a girl wearing extremely feminine shoes, “I like your shoes, I have a pair of my own at home.” If she laughs or continues conversation your good to go.

    So in summary, follow the three c’s of talking to women: confidence, comfort, and compliment.

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