How do I get better at talking to girls?

Question by Teddy B: How do I get better at talking to girls?
I am without a doubt really bad at talking to girls. I want to get better, just don’t know how to get better. Anything helps

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Answer by Woisme
Talk to girls and keep talking

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  1. try talking to uggos first and see what your good at, and improve what youre bad at, if you fuck up it doesnt matter, uggos cant drop you down the social ladder too much

  2. I know it sounds stupid, but practice. Its really the best way to learn. You will make mistakes and you will learn. Girls dont even think its that big of a deal. As long your not coming on to them, most wont mind some friendly conversation.

  3. Well pretend she is ugly or just a freind and try not to make a awkward silence.Talk more about her and not yourself. Not thinking about it Is the best advice I can give.

  4. well.. actually u don’t need to talk much .. because girls want a guy who knows how to listen. u can’t start asking her a bunch of questions because she’s going to think you are writing a book or something. keep it simple… don’t try too hard. go with the flow. 🙂

  5. Practice makes perfect!
    Besides, odds are if you’re talking to a girl and she doesn’t like what you’re saying then she’s not the one.

    Try not to make judgements or be discrimminative about who you talk to.

    Just try a bit of casual conversation- normally it’s the best way of finding out what you have in common and then other conversations lead from there.

    Good Luck!
    We don’t bite, unless you want us too 😉

  6. I would say it take’s practice, don’t be nervous, be mate,be confident, be yourself, smile at her, be interested in her opinions and thoughts so she doesn’t think you’r not listening, don’t point out her flaws or you’r flaws, if you point out you’r flaws, it will lower her opinion about you. Try not to be needy and don’t try to hard, be naturally funny, AND NEVER COMMENT HER ABOUT HER WEIGHT AND NEVER INSULT HER.

  7. At some point i believe almost every guy has had his fair share of troubles when it comes to this topic. Its just a fear of rejection and without initiating a convo with the girl, you are just rejecting yourself. Just take a deep breath and approach her as you would with someone you already know. Its hard at first but just know that everyone gets rejected at some point. No big deal. Move on if you do. If shes just a bitch to you than you made out knowing you shouldn’t waste your time with a girl like that. Once you’ve initiated, you pretty much got over the hard part. Just walk up to her and tell her your name and say something about the situation you both are in….Or more importantly, make her laugh. A girl you can get to smile will give you the time of day atleast 50% of the time.
    Confidence is huge also. All girls want a guy that believes in who he is. Try not to show you are nervous. I know that sounds easier than it is but without going strong, you may as well just go back home to the hand lotion and the maxim mags.
    Be strong, and with patience, you will be fine…..
    You just need to find that one good one

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