How do i get a girl to like me?

Question by Colin: How do i get a girl to like me?
I like this girl, and like the last couple weeks we’ve been hanging out and we’ve been drinking and stuff. But when i text her our conversations are pointless, they don’t go anywhere towards her liking me. Its like hey and whats up and i can tell she gets bored. But im trying to flirt with her but i dont want to push it and i would compliment her but i feel like that what i do to get the convo more interesting. HELP ME!

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Answer by seifer_draco
Act like an asshole

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  1. Heres the thing with texting girls you got to hang with them more often so they can something to talk about and don’t beleve girls look at guys from the inside it’s all bull try dress with style change your look for her she might notice it and start to like you.

  2. Be yourself. If she’s not interested now, what makes you think trying harder will make it work because then you’ll always have to “try” to make things more interesting whether it’s the conversations you bring up or the things you do. Being able to click and just hit it off should come naturally. If you’re working harder then you should be then maybe you should consider finding a relationship that you don’t have to work so hard for or to keep and maintain at least. If you’re flirting with her and she enjoys it, then I’m sure she’ll give you a signal to continue, either giving you hints or she begins to initial the contact. Girls are shy too and definantly may not sure their interest right away. If her responses towards you flirting with her then take it as a good sign, but if she’s just overlooking them and laughs sarcastically. She’s only interested in you being interested in her and not in return. Girls love compliments, but don’t compliment her just to make her interested in you, make sure she appreciates you and compliments you as well if anything!

  3. Hey, Im in the same boat as you. But from what I learned, be more close to her and dont be that close person who is that creeper. Say it that you love her alone with no one around. if it goes good, congrats, if not, you are screwed.

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