How do I get a girl friend?

Question by John: How do I get a girl friend?
I am a guy in 8th grade and I have never had a girl friend. Every one of my friends that has ever wanted a girl friend, has gotten one at least some time in their life. I need help on starting conversations with girls because I can’t just say “hi”. Most of my friends text the girls that they are planning on hooking up with and that always seems to work for them. What are some good ways to start a conversation with the girl I like? How could I start becoming friends again with someone that I used to talk to a lot but now I hardly ever do?

Another unfortunate thing is that next year, i’ll be in high school. I know that sounds good because there is more people to meet (I forgot to mention this but there are very few girls in any of my classes and there aren’t many girls that are in my league, my league is middle to upper middle) but the school that I am going to is an all boys school. There is an all girls school right next to it but I need to know how to make friends with girls and how to start hanging out with girls.

So basically my questions are:
1) how to start a conversation with a girl (text and in person)
2) how to make friends with girls that I hardly ever talk to any more
3) How to hangout with girls? like how to ask them to hangout without sounding like I like them and when to ask them to hangout.

Thank you very much and I will gladly give the best answer ten points.

Best answer:

Answer by isis’s brother
First thing to do is make friends with them. Forget about the boy/girl thing.
When you become friends, you can talk to them and then if one seems
more appealing than the others, pay more attention to that one.
They do like attention.

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