How do I gain confidence in talking to girls?

Question by Jonny Rocket: How do I gain confidence in talking to girls?
Hello. I need help. I’m 16 years old and I find it impossible to talk to girls. It’s so frustrating seeing other guys so easily talk to girls. So, how can I gain confidence in talking to girls?

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Answer by RonPaul
Just do it.
Literally, that’s all you can do.
When I started out, I was pathetic.
Then, one day, I squeaked out out “Hi.” in this mousy, weak voice to a girl I had a crush on.

Now I pick up women all the time.
Trust me, if you just start with a “hi.” you’ll look around one day and wonder how
you become such a confident goddamn stud.

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6 thoughts on “How do I gain confidence in talking to girls?”

  1. It really is easy…we have alot of same interests as guys do…movies, sport, similar friends etc…ask a question rather than making statements as questions makes the other person respond….

  2. It’s all in your approach and attitude. You can’t have the mindset: “Oh Sh!t, what if she thinks I’m too _____”. You need to have this DGAF attitude. Don’t talk to them like you’re trying to fcuk them. (even though you secretly are.) Befriend them. Be your goofy self. confidence comes in practice.

  3. There are several guys like you. I would advice you that you should consult an expert for some relationship advice. It may solve out your problem.

  4. it may sound a bit stupid,but it really is just practise that helps you… i’m really shy,but used to be a lot worse… i neverr be ale to speak to guys… exept my problem was that i was afraid of it bein awkward,and not knoowing what too say… i’ve figured,that as long as you don’t think about it as much… it’s not too bad… you just have to start talking to girls when you;re out with you’re mates,join in conversations with them… it’ll get better,i promise!:)

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