How do I gain confidence in myself when it comes to girls?

Question by Betta92: How do I gain confidence in myself when it comes to girls?
Well whenever I’m around a girl I like I can never find anything to talk about. I mean, when I text a girl that I like I know what to say because I have plenty of time to think about what I’m going to say. I just don’t know what to do in person.. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by Onyx
Girls like a guy who can work it in the sack.

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6 thoughts on “How do I gain confidence in myself when it comes to girls?”

  1. its all about her ask about her *but dont seem stalkish* and try not to ask the same question more then once try to add on about your life when she talks about hers ONCE AGAIN ITS ALL ABOUT HER

  2. Just pretend like they’re your guy friends! You probably know what to say to them. Just don’t sweat it. Imagine them in their underwear. But that probably wouldn’t help. And it doesn’t really matter. Just be yourself!

  3. Just ask questions. It leaves you looking more mysterious, never just talk about yourself. Everyone loves to do that but if you do it it will bore girls. Instead ask questions and let her talk about herself, girl love that, they’ll enjoy conversations much more if they get to talk about themselves.

    As for your personal confidence – it comes from within. Other people can’t really help you with it on Yahoo Answers.

  4. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. your often in the same boat she is. target her interests. the easiest thing is to ASK QUESTIONS. girls don’t really like guys constantly talking about themselves. Ask them a question that is targeted at some type of interest they have. If you don’t know their interests, ask a generic question in regards to music, school, etc. Good luck bro!

  5. i am pretty shy around guys i like too. but honestly if the girl likes u back, she will appreciate any attempts u make. even if u think u sound stupid in front of her, she wont care. she’ll be happy knowing u at least tried and dats wat makes all da difference. just like how guys dont like self concious girls, girls dont like self concious guys. u dont have 2 change and yea sume pple cant help feeling nervous around pple they like, so just casually mingle wit dat chick. just start small convos and they’ll turn into big ones. and try different styles. becuz a dramatic appearance always catches a girl’s attention and use cologne so u smeell good. relly who wants 2 talks 2 someoone who stinks. and yeaa so bascally just try 2 calm urself and u cant mess up infront of a girl, which likes u.

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