How do I flirt with this girl so I know she like me?

Question by Rob: How do I flirt with this girl so I know she like me?
I’ve been texting this girl all week and we are going out Saturday. Her friends who are my friends say she likes me as a friend but I don’t care because I’ve never hung out with her before. We are going to the movies and ice cream after. Flirting tips? Good movie?

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Answer by setn666
Don’t TRY to flirt and win her over. Girls can tell when you’re trying too hard, and it puts us off. Just be yourself. If she likes you for who you are, then thats great – and you won’t need anything else. Just be a gentleman and you’ll get your answer…. or just straight up tell her you like her. Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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  1. Hi Jason
    OK I an most likely going to get thumped down for this but
    it is only young girls that get this idea that girls can be just good friends with guys total and utter rubbish
    guy do not hang around with girls to be just friends, especially young males with raging hormones.
    so the trick is to get her told very quickly, that you want your relationship to be more than just friends, that leaves the ball in her court, if she is happy to continue, then you and she both know where you stand. if she is not and just wants you to be a friend then tell her that, that is not enough at least that way you both know where you stand from the start and nobody get played on (you).

    good luck don’t fall into the friendship zone

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