How do I find out if this girl likes me without asking her?

Question by Dorian: How do I find out if this girl likes me without asking her?
I really like this girl. I am doubtful that she likes me back, though. Whenever we text, I feel like I am the one who usually starts the conversation. Whenever she invites me over, she seems like she doesn’t want me there. We’ve only cuddled like 4 times, and once we slept together (literally, not sexually. She fell asleep in my arms). Are there any ways I can test whether she likes me or not?

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Answer by Haley
Listen, I can even tell you now, SHE LIKES YOU!!! 🙂 If she was comfortable falling asleep with you holding her, I can guarantee she likes you. But if you reallly want proof, facebook stalk her and ask her friends. If she has any other guy friends, ask them. They would be the best to ask. Talk to her more, maybe she’ll drop some major hints. Try and hug her romantically and see how she reacts. If all goes well, just try and kiss her. Girls like it when guys are the one starting the conversations. Believe me!! My boyfriend almost never starts the convo… he ignores me.

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Good luck!!

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  1. Tell her how you feel, give her a flower, or sweets. Girls like a guy that is confident enough to make a move. Don’t ask her how she feels she will tell you when she is ready.

    Answer #1 is good too she is a girl after all

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