How do i continue to conversation with the girl i like?

Question by anonymous: How do i continue to conversation with the girl i like?
When I talk to her in person its fine, but when im texting her there always gets to a stage were I can’t think of anything to write back. What should I say at this point to keep the conversation going? Most of the time I just pretend I need to go somewhere. Please, what should I ask?

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Answer by Mysterious Wanderer
Well, you could ask her about things like what she’s hoping to do with her life, what movies she wants to see (or books she wants to read), what her favourite band is, what plant (or animal or vehicle or…) she would choose to be, where her ultimate vacation destination is, and so on….

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  1. ask her random questions about her life. Make jokes, just be yourself. Don’t think about it too much. If it’s easy to talk to her in person, just be the same person when you text her. Just think about if the conversation was happening in real life, what would you say back to her. Use a lot of smiley faces and flirt a little. Bring up some inside jokes if you have any. Tell her a funny story about something that happened earlier. Just remember to be yourself!

  2. often if the conversation feels as though it is coming to an end you will either have to leave it because shes not interested in texting anymore or make the conversation interesting by talking about stuff you both know and relate in the subject, you could even compliment her to get her interested 🙂

  3. Do you care for this girl? Do you really know her? Ask her what she is like. Dislikes, and likes. What she likes to do in her spare time. What makes her tick. What was your day like? What’s a movie you plan to see? What are somethings she loves to do? Better yet share some things about yourself. Anything you want. Maybe one of the following above. Be yourself. Eh, what do I know. It’s totally up to you anyhow. Make the most of it.

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