How do i build confidence to talk girls in college?

Question by I Love You: How do i build confidence to talk girls in college?
I want to build the courage to talk to girls in college. It’s not that i look bad because i’m actually a good looking guy i’m just too shy to talk to girls. I usually don’t know what to talk about and how to keep a conversation going. Like when a girl stares at me i want to approach them but i get nervous and don’t know what to say to them.

In high school i never talked to girls because of my shyness but now i want this to change. How do i randomly go up to a girl and start talking to them??
please help

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Answer by Jeremy
The only way to build confidence to talk to girls is to just talk to one. Once you do it you will see that it’s not that big of a deal. Talk about what’s around you. Food weather sports classes anything just to start a conversation.

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  1. when i was at college i had the same problem i found if i felt ready for anything and secure in my life and happy and just focus on college work eventually a girl will come up to for a chat you could try and find the girl you like and say hi only u can force urself to do it 🙂 i remeber at school i hated girl but now i got a missus it isnt hard to socialise just need confidence in yourself be positive and be happy and a girl will come ur way soon if not try asking the student councillor for advice and remember the world is at ur fingertips so enjoy urself and life others will come to u 🙂

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